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Cross browser designs

You do not want to loose business just because your website does not run in this browser or that one. We make sure that all our designs are cross-browser compatible.

Cross-browser compatible designs
The design process
  • Listen Determine your needs

    Most web developers will not fully explain the relevance of some technologies to you. We first listen to your needs and requirements, advise you then let you choose.

  • Design Design and Develop

    As we design your website, we like to keep you close, making sure that we are developing a product that suits your needs. You are involved all the way!

  • Product Deliver a product you want

    When we finally deliver your product, it is ensured to be to your exact requirements. Our policy is to give you what you want within the specified time and budget.

How we do what we do

Website Design Technologies We understand the needs of our customers first before we endeavor to develop their website. In this manner, we come up with a design that is well suited to their needs and pocket.

The techonologies we use include Joomla (the most used CMS by web developers around the world), Wordpress, Drupal, CSS with HTML, as well as Silverlight for Microsoft based website.

Most recently, we have adopted the standard de facto in application development: Objected Oriented Programming. We are now developing websites in XML format, meaning that they are complient with all future programming trends.

But not to worry, if you do not understand what we are saying here, we just want you to have the confidence that we will do our best to provide you with a website that will make you proud you hired us!
realise your dreams through IT!

Our newest clients

  • Cake Link Bakery

    An innovative bakery website that showcases their products and service. It has a gallery of cakes.

    For a bakery of Cake Link's nature, it is difficult to capture all their requirements in a manner that can convince the customer but we did it.

  • Great Hope Magazine
    Christian Magazine

    A news and journalism site that was designed to be accessible on both mobile and larger screens for information use.

    We are proud because the design is able to capture one's attention and show news headlines artistically.

  • Zim Bridal Center
    Online Bridal Magazine

    One of our in-house projects.

    The website takes on the style of a magazine and creates the impression that the user is on an actual magazine. Readers are able to navigate the website getting all the information they want along the way!

  • Green Resources
    Renewable Energy

    The world needs to change the culture of using resources that hurt our planet and start using greener resources.

    Green Resources uses this website to profile their services as well as their clients.

  • Mandedza High School
    High School

    This is one of the few boarding schools to have an edge toward technology and actually have their own website.

    Parents and students can view the school calendar, read news, as well as download important information.

  • Avondale Primary School
    Junior and Primary School

    Most primary school administrators will argue that there is no point in having a website for a school, not here.

    This school has embraced the future by employing one of the most efficient communication tools.

  • Lifemark Computers
    Technology Company

    Lifemark Computers (Pvt) Ltd. is a Zimbabwean company that specialises in IT Services for schools and other establishments.

    The website is used to market their services as well as to communicate with the company's shareholders.

  • St. Mary's Chitungwiza
    Anglican Church

    This is an Anglican Church that is located in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

    They use their website to communicate with the community showing church news, calendar and announcements.

  • Goddess
    Ladies Fashion Designer

    Fatima is a brilliand a very creative ladies fashion designer, with a very good test for class.

    She uses her website to show her latest work with a gallery full of rich designs.


If you believe we are the right fit to work together, please contact us and let us know how we can help.

Our promise to you

Business may be tough out there especially for small guys like ourselves, but we promise total commitment to your needs.

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