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About our company

Yes, we acknowledge that we are a new company but that does not mean we do not deliver!
Our company is positively goal oriented with the management bent on delivering goals on time everytime. Our biggest drive is toward building relationships that can stand all forces. With the right partners, we know that we can never go wrong.

A Shona proverb says that one finger cannot crush a lice. At Clay Bytes Solutions we believe in forging partnerships that are there to benefit our partners, the community as well as ourselves. We believe that a relationship is a spiral giver: the more you give the more your returns, and as you do that, the bigger you grow. We believe that the people we interact with are more important than the money they give us. These are the pillars that we believe will take us to the next height.
With you we know we can!

Our vision as Clay Bytes Solutions is to build an IT empire that has its roots solid in innovation. We understand that the world has seen a lot of inventions and is not interested in entities that re-invent the wheel! We understand that to spearhead growth in industry we have to make the industry follow us and not the other way round: And we can only do that through Innovation.

Our mission is to ensure that you realise your dreams through IT.

Our team / Partners

  • Josiah T Mahachi
    Managing Director Josiah T Mahachi

    Josiah is the founder of Clay Bytes Solutions. He has single-handedly brought up this company.

    With vast experience in software development, database management and website design and development, he has made all this a success.

  • Jahdiel Mafukidze
    CEO @ Aptics Jahdiel Mafukidze

  • Batsirai Dzenga
    CEO @ Lifemark Batsirai Dzenga

  • Blessing Nyakasoka
    Tech @ Lifemark Blessing Nyakasoka

  • Arthur Benjamin
    Director @ SAIWO Arthur Benjamin


If you believe we are the right fit to work together, please contact us and let us know how we can help.

Our promise to you

Business may be tough out there especially for small guys like ourselves, but we promise total commitment to your needs.

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